here is part 1of my favorite webtoons! i've sorted them by genre as seen on the LINE Webtoon app and also included a little snippet about each one. most of these are ongoing, but i will mark the ones that are completed. when reading, be sure to like the episodes and subscribe to support the author!
- unholy blood: my #1 webtoon! it's a story about vampires, but definitely not cliché. this webtoon has a badass female lead, complex villians, and amazing action scenes. there's a dash of romance, but also heart-wrenching moments that may or may not have made me shed a tear or two. if you're only going to read one webtoon, i hope it's this one!
- devil number 4 (COMPLETED): this one is categorized as supernatural because it deals with devils and angels, but i personally think it should fall under drama. it follows the lifetimes of a human girl and a devil whose mission is to collect her soul. one of the main themes is free will versus determinism and beautifully illustrates the human struggle to find purpose and meaning in life. bring your tissue box for this one :')
- mom i'm sorry: definitely in my top 5! it's a story about a boy who trades years of his life so that his mother can live again, but she comes back to life as a 20 year old! no no, there's no creepy sexual stuff between them, but his friend does fall in love with her! it's really more of a comedy (the author absolutely NAILS the facial expressions!!) but at its heart, it's about the sacrifices we make for those that we love. 
- back to you: this one's another tearjerker :') it's about  
- the witch and the bull: the art!! it's so beautifully illustrated, the color palette is just stunning, all of the tiny details are just *chef's kiss*!! if you're into astrology, you'll enjoy seeing the constellations come to life! the landscape scenes are like looking at a watercolor postcard and it just makes you want to travel :)
- how to become a dragon: i love how wholesome this webtoon is! this story is by the same author as "super secret" so the art style is chibi!! i really like that this focuses on friendship and personal growth more than intense conflict. it's one of those historical mythical comedies, kind of like "rooftop prince", a classic k-drama i also recommend watching. if you want something more light-hearted and cute but with a good plot, i recommend this one!
- the remarried empress: we love a woman that doesn't take BS from men!!
- your throne:  
- men of the harem: another strong female lead!! 
- like wind on a dry branch: oh my, this webtoon. the translators deserve so much praise! the old English dialogue is written so perfectly you can FEEL the tension in each scene! the beginning of this webtoon is a little bit slow, but it picks up quickly. if you're a sucker for words, i think this is one for you!

- delusion (COMPLETED):
- garden club detective squad: a group of middle school girls try to find a murderer! my favorite part part about this webtoon is that it breaks the typical stereotypes of what female leads look like in a lot of comics. the squad consists of the school's top student, a rough around the edges judo black belt, a super sweet gardening expert, and a shaman that can talk to spirits! it's quite wholesome but with unexpected plot twists. also all of the episode names are vegetable puns :)

- cursed princess club
- the hip guy: it's about butts!! it sounds really odd, but really the story is about a female CEO of an athleisure brand who is on a quest to find the perfect model for her new line of male leggings. it has the older woman, younger male trope that is becoming more popular and it's really refreshing to see that the FL is a boss lady! it's very meme-y and the author draws shiny butts :D
- plum

- blood-ink:

- omniscient reader:

- the strongest florist:

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