songs that are good for the bad times
it's not the same anymore - rex orange county
always - rex orange county
pluto projector - rex orange county
waiting room - rex orange county
it gets better - rex orange county
every way - rex orange county
modern loneliness - lauv
changes - lauv
sad forever - lauv
superhero - lauv
songs that are good for the happy times

- thai pop/indie/rock, favorite artists: three man down, tilly birds, bowkylion, 25hours, Billkin, Chilling Sunday, SERIOUS BACON, Whal & Dolph, Ink Waruntorn, MEAN, Hers, Wanyai, Palmy, Earth Patravee, Season Five, Lula, Cocktail, Chart Suchart, NO ONE ELSE, Singto Numchok, The Toys, Ammy the Bottom Blues, Room 39
- korean rnb/indie/pop, favorite artists: 

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